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Women's gloves

napoSTUD (black/gold)


Women’s Leather Gloves from napo gloves

Women's leather gloves are a stylish and timeless accessory that matches perfectly with other wardrobe items of similar material, such as shoes, bags or belts. The models available in our store are made of highest quality lambskin, which is characterized by softness, and at the same time high durability and scratch resistance. Gloves come in different colors, so that every women will be able to choose a product that best suits her taste and will match with most of her styles. Our range is addressed to both lovers of classic and universal shades such as black, brown or navy blue, as well as women who prefer intense colors and like to stand out from the crowd. Non-insulated leather women's gloves will be great for warmer months. Lack of lining means that the hands will not be exposed to overheating. Models of this type can also be called driving gloves, because thanks to the perfect fit, they will allow full control over the steering wheel and gearbox.

Women's leather gloves - what else can you find in our shop?

Our range also includes a wide selection of winter leather gloves with fleece insulation, which are perfect for colder days. The soft lining will protect your skin from cold and irritation. Winter models are also available in different colors and finishes. All versions of leather gloves have been equipped with NAPOTOUCH technology. Thanks to this, when using electronic devices with a touch screen, such as a tablet, smartphone or ATM, we do not need to remove the gloves. The technology is on every finger, it is resistant to abrasion and invisible. Women's leather gloves are an excellent investment for years, which will not only provide you with comfort during colder days, but also will be useful in everyday use of electronic devices.