The Regulations found hereunder determinate the scope of using the online store.
Selling party is: napo sp. z o.o., entered into Central Registration and Information on Business kept by the District Court in Poznan, with registered office on Wołoska 18, 02–675 Warsaw, holding Tax Identification Number (NIP) : 9721250921, and Polish Business Registry Number (REGON): 302824807.

The selling party can be contacted at +48 791669696 or via e-mail:

§ 1 Definitions

1. Regulations: These regulations: in scope of services rendered electronically, is the regulation as stated in Act on Rendering Electronic Services article 8 held on 18th of July 2002 (Dz.U. z 2002 r. Nr 144, item 1204 with further changes).
2. Customer (Purchasing Party) – is a natural person who is of over 13 years of age, should the person be a minor so less than 18 years old, parental, guardian, or legal custodian consent is necessary. Customer is also a legal entity or, organizational entity without legal personality, whom the special Act grants legal capacity, and which is purchasing, or willing to purchase, or commence any other activity, or use any other service provided by the Online Store.
3. Transaction Subject – Products stated and described on the Online Shop website. The Selling party will use best effort for the offer presented on the website to be as actual as possible. Should the ordered products be unavailable, Selling Party will inform the Purchasing Party about the situation by telephone, or using the email address provided by the Purchasing party. The information shall be provided without unnecessary delay.
4. Product – goods in form of leather gloves, offered for sale in the Online Shop, which the Sales Agreement is referring too.
5. Sales Agreement – Product Sales Agreement provided for in Civil Act, which is being executed between the Selling Party and the Customer, using means of distance communications (also by telephone).
6. Online Shop napogloves (Shop, Online Shop) – web site accessed via address, from where the Customer can purchase the Product.
7. Parties – Selling Party and the Customer.
8. Online Shop website – each page, website, or sub-website found at
9. Order – Customer statement confirming type, model and quantity of the Product, leading directly to concluding the Sales Agreement using means of distance communications, with the Online Shop.

§ 2 General Provisions

1. General condition for processing the Order on the Online Shop is to get acquainted and accept the provisions of the Regulations during the Order by the Purchasing Party.
2. Online Shop napogloves is conducting non-store retail sale via the internet.
3. Browsing through napogloves offer stated on the Online Shop Website does not require any kind of registration.
4. Using of the Online Shop requires a computer with the internet access, internet browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, Opera, Safari or others), and an active and valid email account.
5. All Products offered on the napogloves website are brand new, packed with original wrapping, free of any manufacturing or legal defects, and were legally brought to polish market.
6. Transaction reconciliations made by credit card and by e-transfer is processed by Services stated in point 6 are rendered by Krajowy Integrator Płatności S.A. with registered office in Poznań Św. Marcin 73/6 street, 61-808, signed in National Court Register, held by District Court – Nowe Miasto I Wilda In Poznań. Commercial Division VIII. National Court Register number is 0000412357, with tax identification number 7773061579 and Business Registry Number 300878437, amount of share capital paid in total of 4.798.500,00 PLN, basing on Regulations that can be found at
7. Transaction reconciliations using PayPal system are managed by PayPal, PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. & Cie, S.C.A, with registered office under the address: L-1150, Luxemburg. Services rendered by PayPal are basing on the regulations that can be found at

§ 3 Order Placement

1. Prices stated on the online shop website are gross (VAT inclusive), and in Euro currency (EUR). Prices stated on the online shop website do not include shipping fees/charges.
2. Orders can be placed by online shop website, telephone or via email.
3. Orders via online shop website can be placed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and throughout whole year. Orders placed via telephone or e-mail is only processed during hours stated on the Online Shop Website.
4. Order is valid only if the order form is filled in a valid way by the Purchasing Party, and only if the Purchasing Party provides valid contact details – especially receiving address, phone number and valid email address.
5. In the event that the data needed to process the order on the order form is incomplete, the Selling Party will contact Purchasing Party to clarify. Should the contact be impossible by whatever reason the Selling Party reserves the right to cancel aforementioned order.
6. Purchasing Party hereby consents to issue and send electronically reconciliation documentation, to given email address. Aforementioned reconciliation documents are especially: VAT Invoices with appendixes, correcting invoices with appendixes, and other necessary forms and documents. Aforementioned consent grants Seller the right to issue and send VAT invoice in an electronic form accordingly to VAT Act from 11th of March 2004 (Dz. U. 2004 Nr 54, item 535 with further changes.).
7. During and by placing the Order Purchasing Party grants consent for admitting his personal data into the Selling Party Online Shop database, which would be processed for completing the order. Purchasing party holds the right to view, amend, or demand permanent deletion of his personal data from the database.
8. Purchasing Party can check the option for the system to remember his personal data in order to speed up next Ordering process. To do that the Purchasing Party should sign in with his Login and Password, which are necessary to access his customer account. Client Login is his email address. Client Password is a string of symbols and characters set by the Customer. Customer Password is not known to the Selling Party. Customer should keep his password confidential, and not share it with unauthorised persons.
9. Automatic order confirmation will be sent to the Customer after placing a valid order on the Online Store.
10. In case of Cash on Delivery payment method, order realisation time starts immediately once the Customer finishes order placement procedure on the Online Store Website. In case of Bank Transfer payment method, order realisation time starts after the bank transfer has been completed, and the amount has been transferred to the bank account stated on the order confirmation. In Case of electronic payment transfer, order realisation starts after obtaining payment confirmation from the Party providing electronic payment services.

§ 4 Shipping Fees and Terms

1. The Product shall be sent to the address stated on the order form, or the address provided by the Customer by telephone or email. Online Store shall inform the Customer immediately should the ordering form be submitted in a way which makes the delivery impossible or delayed.
2. The Product is shipped and delivered by courier service provider. In some cases it is possible to personally collect the Product from the Selling Party registered office.
3. The shipment is delivered accordingly to the term stated under “Delivery” tab which can be accessed on the Online Shop Website. The term stated is only an estimate.
4. Purchasing Party shall cover the delivery (shipment) fees which are stated in the transportation pricelist accordingly. The value of the fee is dependable on transportation (delivery) method and payment method. Purchasing party can at any given time acquaint with the pricelist by accessing “Payment’ and ‘Delivery’ tabs on the Online Store Website.

§ 5 Payments

1. For each Product sold the Selling Party will issue a bill or a personalised proof of purchase (invoice).
2. Payment for ordered Product can be settled by cash on delivery (with the Product delivery), by electronic payment system ( or PayPal), or bank transfer to the Selling Party bank account.

§ 6 Product Delivery

1. Deliveries are possible in Poland and selected countries in the world.
2. Prior to the receiving and confirming receiving of the package, the Customer should verify the package for any damages- especially the envelope should be checked for damages that might have occurred during the transport. Should the packaging be damaged in any way, torn or ruptured the Customer should not accept the delivery and in the presence of the courier compile damage protocol and contact the Selling Party immediately. Should there be no information about quantity or quality issue during the product delivery this may cause negative claim process regarding to damage or missing item during the transport statement.

§ 7 Withdrawal from the agreement

1. The Customer that signed the remote agreement is entitled to withdraw from the agreement without stating the cause by making a written statement. This action is limited in time and can only by processed by the Customer, within 14 days basing on article 7 point 1 from Act from 2nd of march 2000 on protection of certain rights of consumers , and on liability for damages caused by a hazardous product (Dz.U. Nr 22, item 271 with further changes).This term is non-extendible and is counted from the date of Product delivery. To comply with the term it is necessary to submit the statement that can be found on, or by issuing a statement that can be found here, before the term has passed. The submission can be processed electronically via email sent to, or in a written form sent to Omnipack sp. z o.o. (napo gloves), ul.Ożarowska 40/42, 05-850 Duchnice, POLAND.
2. Aforementioned paragraph is valid only for consumer sale, so it can only be applied for natural person who purchased goods for non-business purposes.
3. Products returned by withdrawal from the agreement can be returned only if they are shipped by the Customer as a complete package. The product itself as well as the accessories cannot be damaged or cannot look used or worn.
4. Should the Customer use his right to withdraw from the agreement, the Product should be sent by the Customer to the Selling Party registered office. Costs of return shipment are covered by the Customer.
5. Return shipment should also contain written statement about withdrawal from the agreement and the bank account number that the Online Store should return the money for the purchase made.
6. Within 5 (five) working days from receiving the return Product, the store will verify the Product. Should the Product meet the requirements stated in point 3 of aforementioned paragraph correcting invoice will be issued. Correcting invoice as an electronic document will be sent to the Customer onto the email address given by the Customer with the purchase. Within 5(five) working days from the correcting invoice send Online shop will transfer the money back to the bank account stated by the Customer.

§ 8 Claims and Complaints

1. Should the Product be non-compliant with the agreement, the Product with separate written statement concerning type of non-compliance, and expectations regarding to handling the claim liability by the Selling Party, should be sent back to the Selling Party. Costs of returns handled as non-compliant with the agreement are covered by Selling Party (legal basis – Act from 27th of July 2002 on specific terms and conditions of consumer sale and amendments to the Civil Code (Dz.U. nr 141 item 1176 with further changes.) and Act from 2nd July 2000 on protection of certain rights of consumers , and on liability for damages caused by a hazardous product (Dz.U. 2000 nr 22, item 271 with further changes).
2. The Customer loses his rights arising from Act on specific terms and conditions of consumer sale and amendments to the Civil Code if he fails to notify the Shop about the Product being non-compliant with the agreement, To comply with the term it is necessary to submit the relevant statement in a given time. If the sale is not a consumer sale, Civil Code articles 556-576 are precluded

§ 9 Personal data protection and privacy policy

1. The administrator of the database containing personal data necessary to process the Order submitted by the Online Shop Customers is the Selling Party.
2. Personal data is necessary for processing the Sales Agreement. Due to that personal data can be provided to Parties responsible for the delivery to the Customer. Should the purchase be made basing on retail instalment contract, personal data can be provided to the crediting Party. If the Customer grants consent which is mentioned in §10 of the aforementioned Regulation, Selling party processes the personal data also for marketing purposes, especially in the purpose of sending commercial information to the Customer via e-mail.
3. The Customer holds the right to access his personal data, and to amend them. Providing of personal data is voluntary, and is requisite to conclude an agreement. Lack of Customer consent for the Selling Party to process the personal data can effect in making the purchase through Napogloves Online Store unavailable.
4. The Customer hereby declares that the personal data provided are his/hers personal data.
5. Detailed resolutions regarding to privacy policy can be found on the Online Shop Website under ‘Privacy Policy’ tab.

§ 10 Newsletter

1.The Customer can grant consent to receive commercial information ,including commercial information sent electronically, by the Online Shop Website, through registration form which can be found on the official napogloves Facebook profile, or by granting consent to receive such information during the order process on the Online Shop Website. Should the Customer grant such consent the Customer shall receive napogloves Online Shop Newsletter onto given email address. Customer shall receive other commercial information sent by the Selling Party directly or by the Selling Party on behalf of third parties.
2.The Customer can resign from receiving the newsletter by clicking on the appropriate link in the received commercial correspondence.

§ 11 Final Provisions

1. To all matters not settled in the herein Regulation provisions from Act from 2nd of March 2000 on protection of certain rights of consumers , and on liability for damages caused by a hazardous product (Dz.U. 2000 nr 22, item 271,), and from Act from 27th of July 2002 on specific terms and conditions of consumer sale and amendments to the Civil Code (Dz.U. nr 141 item 1176 with further changes, and from Civil Code from 23rd of April 1964 (Dz.U.1964 nr 16 item 93 with further changes.) shall apply.
2. Accordingly to article 8 section 3 point 2 (b), from Act on Rendering Electronic Services from 18th of July 2002 (Dz.U. z 2002 r. Nr 144, item 1204 with further changes.), Selling party hereby informs that placing any kind of illegal information, or information that can be considered as contrary to generally accepted principles of morality by the Customer on the Online Shop Website is forbidden.
3. Information about Products visible on the napogloves Online Shop Website shall not constitute an offer under Civil Code from 23rd of April 1964 (Dz.U.1964 nr 16 item 93 with further changes).
4. For statistical purposes, and for ensuring the best service quality purposes, Online Store napogloves uses the information saved by the server on the end device of the Customer, which are being accessed with each browser connection (cookies). The Customer can at any given time change the settings of his web browser, so that it does not accept such files or inform about such files being sent. However it must be noted that not accepting cookies might affect in Online Store napogloves not being available for the Customer. By using the browser which settings allow to save cookies on the Customers device, the Customer grants his consent for saving the aforementioned files on this specified Customers device. More information can be found in our privacy policy.
5. Any disputes arising from using the aforementioned Regulations, or arising from proceeding the Online Store and Customer Sales Agreement shall be settled before competent court of law, accordingly to regulations on territorial and material jurisdiction, accordingly to Code of Civil procedure from 17th of November 1964 (Dz.U. nr 43 item . 296 with further changes).
6. Selling party reserves the right to amend aforementioned Regulation considering the provision that for the Agreements constituted prior to the Regulation change, provisions from version effective on the date of signing the Agreement shall apply
7. Date of publication of these regulations: 23.12.2017